The Purgatoire Watershed Partnership (PWP) is a stakeholder watershed group that functions out of Trinidad, Colorado. PWP was started by local citizens who were compelled to collaboratively find solutions to ongoing concerns in the Purgatoire River Watershed.


PWP works on a variety of watershed health projects. Recent projects include community wildfire protection plans (CWPP's), invasive species management, and drinking water quality. Click below to learn exactly what's been happening in your watershed.


PWP annual membership is $10. To become a member, please contact us. Other donations can be made by visiting the donation page. Your donations directly suppport on-the-ground watershed health projects.

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PWP has board meetings once a month that are open to the public. Sign up for the PWP Newsletter to get updates on board meetings, projects, and educational events.

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3590 E. Main St.
Trinidad, CO 

Email: jknudson@purgatoirepartners.org

What is a watershed?

A watershed is an area of land where all the water, sediments, and dissolved material drain to a common outlet. Interested in watershed ecology? Click here to learn more.

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